At Pumpkin head quarters we are passionate about all things pumpkins. We love growing, eating, carving, decorating and sharing everything we know about pumpkins. From white to yellow to orange to green, you’ll be sure to find the right pumpkin that will suit you and your family.

The humble pumpkin is so versatile and somewhat sweet, making it ideal for both sweet and savory dishes, that it can be baked, boiled, mashed, sliced, diced, and for the more adventurous ones, eaten raw when fully ripe. Even its seeds in some varieties are edible when dried out. It is a unique fruit that has provided much filling and nourishment to little babies up to grown adults.

Join us on our journey to discover everything there is to know about pumpkins. I hope you enjoy your stay, and be sure to return again to try other new and exciting recipes and ideas for your next craft session.